Dana Marron

Meet Dana Marron, she’s a talented designer who lives in North Laguna. Dana is super-stylish. You see it as you walk into the home she shares with husband Mondo. 

Dana recently launched a boutique creative agency called Good Together Collective, and it’s exactly that! It’s a group that has surf roots, knows a good time, and loves the creative process.

The reason Dana put “collective” in the name is because she just wants to collaborate with good, creative people. She aspires to help young artists get work or new photographers find their place. The collective will handle the business side of the creative process, allowing clients to focus on their inspiration and art.

Dana grew up in Houston, where her mother owned a surf shop. She moved to California to join Stussy, and was the VP of Design at Roxy, and co-owner and co-founder of Laguna Supply. Now, she is the visionary behind Good Together Collective, this team of creatives who work with inspiring people, helping them be the best they can be. —Brett Hillyard 


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