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A Pelican Point estate designed and built for a fashion industry leader is a timeless classic of coastal elegance That “ahh, I’m home” feeling—isn’t it the best? Whether one has been absent for a long vacation away or simply an errand-running day, the old saying is still true: Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home. Not too humble, of course. This is coastal Orange County, after all. The magnificent Pelican Point estate […]



Dana Marron Meet Dana Marron, she’s a talented designer who lives in North Laguna. Dana is super-stylish. You see it as you walk into the home she shares with husband Mondo.  Dana recently launched a boutique creative agency called Good Together Collective, and it’s exactly that! It’s a group that has surf roots, knows a good time, and loves the creative process. The reason Dana put “collective” in the name is because she just wants […]