We checked in with OC designers for Insta-ideas on turning true blue. 

Ashley Clark | sKout

Why Blue?
“Because we live near the beach and are so lucky to have such incredible weather (blue skies), we seem to incorporate blue into most of our designs. We love a deep, dark blue, and we also love a faded and washed- out blue! Our accessories and art typically have blue—we love indigo and batik—and you can never go wrong with a navy stripe!”

Big or Small Pops? 
“We are usually a bit more subtle, but we love a good built-in or front door or even a bathroom vanity or island in a great shade of blue!”

Robin Strickler | Design Works 

Best Blue Vibes?
“Although navy is always in style, we love to use chambray, indigo, cerulean, and aquamarine. Since we live in Southern California, colors that reflect the ocean are always inviting and bring an organic feel to the home.”

Best Avoided? 
“We tend to stay away from royal blues and any blues that have a purple undertone as they may feel too overpowering and people will tire of them over time.”

Raili Clasen | Raili CA Design

Blue Zone
“I love a good-old dark navy blue… Very nautical without being too theme-y.”

Best Avoided? 
“Baby blue… just screams nursery to me.”

Accent or Statement?
“I’m into going big with blue… It’s dramatic like charcoal or black, but a little more fun.”

Lindye Galloway | Lindye Galloway Interiors 

Palette Preferences
“We use mostly deep shades of blue and some blue-grey color combinations for a more neutral approach to adding color. I find that these color hues are the most versatile and classic for any style.”

Coastal Tones
“I don’t play with baby blue or turquoise. Those are often thought of as the go-to colors for coastal designs, but we enjoy bringing a more mature and neutral pop through timeless deeper blues.”

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