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Fine art photographer Hugh Foster finds the balance between grace and strength at two iconic Orange County works of art For Hugh Foster, architecture is more than mere backdrop. It is an essential part of the artistic conversation between subject and setting. The sinewy structure of a body’s musculature is juxtaposed against mineralized stone, veins visible against alabaster/bronzed bone. A dancer’s pose is fleeting against the granite structure’s permanence. But here, in Foster’s lens, they’re […]



Warmth, elegance, and opulence: Interior designer Sue Capelli recruits an all-star design cast to create a next-level estate in Crystal Cove By Alexandria Abramian | Photography by Chad Mellon It isn’t every day that a designer works on a canvas as commanding at this 26,000-square-foot estate perched high in the hills of Crystal Cove. But Sue Capelli, founder of Passione Interior Design, has built a reputation for realizing homes of this magnitude. For this Northern […]

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A secluded four-acre estate in the hills of Cowan Heights comes complete with vineyards, groves of olive trees, and a working winery that produces award-winning all-OC-grown vintages The real estate edict about owning oceanfront property because “they aren’t making it anymore” is true—truisms often are. But the fact is that there are hundreds of prime properties on the water along Orange County’s 42 miles of coastline, while there’s only one Peppertree Canyon.  We were introduced […]

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A Huntington Beach homeowner “downsizes” from two stories to one and creates an expansive vision for the future By Alexandria Abramian Photos by Chad Mellon Ann Chlebicki was no stranger to the renovation process when she decided to update her Huntington Beach home. In fact, she had just completed a renovation a few years earlier on the two-story home in the Sea Cliff golf course community.  When the wood floors started bowing and leaks sprang up […]