Essential OC

Photo Essay by Brett Hillyard

The Covid-19 crisis has confirmed that heroes live and work among us. Some sought the risk and reward of dangerous work,  while others had essential status thrust upon them. 

One of the most revelatory aspects of the ongoing pandemic  is how quickly we have come to appreciate what is truly essential in our lives. Many we already knew about. First-responders, doctors, nurses, and scientists. Others, we’ve come to more deeply appreciate recently. We’ve all hopefully thanked grocery store workers in recent weeks for helping us feed our families—where would we be without them and thousands doing other jobs here in Orange County? Others have risen in support of those essential people—bringing them food, donating time, money, and supplies. 

While viewing the photographs that follow, think about the people who have helped you and yours through these difficult days, and what we can do to support them, starting with a simple “thank you.”

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