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Blue Door Magazine members inspire with insights and insider info from their lives along the orange county coast

Photos by Brett Hillyard

Kenny Eggmann

“If I didn’t surf, I don’t know what I would do. Surfing has played a foundational role in my life. With its endless waves and possibilities for growth and development, surfing has given me strength and resilience in the face of even the toughest challenges. Each surfing session offers me a new way to define myself. Every wave is different, no swell is the same, which only adds to the excitement and challenge of surfing. It’s pushed me to try new things, and test my limits, The sport has taught me how to stay calm under pressure and how to make quick decisions. These skills have driven me to succeed in everything from my career in real estate to other endeavors outside of surfing. The ocean is a place of peace and power and I’m grateful for the lessons it has brought me.” — Kenny Eggmann

Jeannie Denholm

Paintings by Jeff Peters

“Artists expose us to our world through different lenses. And for that I’m forever inspired and grateful. My motivation to own a gallery in this community has always been to share this inspiration and experience with others via exhibitions, special events, and daily conversations. As SCAPE gallery heads into its 20th anniversary in 2023, what I continue to hold most dear are my relationships with an invigorating array of artists, supportive clients, and Southern California’s thriving art community.” —Jeannie Denholm

Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time. —Thomas Merton

Southern California Art Projects and Exhibitions | SCAPE | 2859 East Coast Highway, Corona Del Mar | 949.723.3406 | [email protected]

Michael Balliet

“As a longtime resident of Laguna Beach, I love the opportunity to come to this particular beach—with my back to the ocean—and admire the architectural and design styles that our community has to offer. Coming off the heels of multiple landmark residential property sales in Laguna Beach, our team understands how to bring our proven six-star concierge approach to my local community. With one graduate of LBHS and one currently attending, our family is passionate about the community and personifies living the coastal lifestyle.” —Michael Ballet

Paul Daftarian

“I have lived in Coastal Orange County nearly my entire life and I’ve witnessed first-hand how the county and my favorite communities have grown and flourished. It’s a dream place to live, work, and raise a family. I have the privilege to live the lifestyle we get to sell. My wife Lili and I set out to create a concierge real estate advisory business that delivers the highest level of service and client experience, often with market record prices. That way, we create clients for life. We can do that thanks to our entire team thinking and working the exact same way, which is always putting the client first and doing whatever it takes to exceed their expectations. Keeping clients happy and exceeding expectations is our mission.” —Paul Daftarian 

The Daftarian Group | 3653 East Coast Highway, Corona del Mar | 949.484.0387 |

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