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Tim Carr Group finds strength—and success—in numbers

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What inspired you to form your own team of agents?

I initially started as an assistant to Bill Feeney, who was the number-one residential real estate agent in Orange County in the late ’80s. At that time, nobody had an assistant nor team in residential real estate. The market was fragmented with a lot of small brokerages. There were no mega brokerages as we have today. Eventually, John McMonigle, Rob Giem, Lance Boggs, and Rich Meaney joined our team. They have all developed successful real estate careers. Bill was a big fan of John Wooden and applied a lot of his coaching principles to our real estate business. Seeing the power of a team approach through our specific roles allowed all of us to have more success than if we each started individually.

How did you create the Tim Carr Group?

I had a group of agents who worked for me at DOMA, my previous brokerage that I started in Long Beach. When I left the company, many of them followed me back to Newport Beach.  I also had several friends who were interested in real estate and left their jobs to work with me. My team started organically, and we currently have 23 members.

How have Tim Carr Group agents benefited from being a part of the team?

The synergy and collaboration of the group has greatly benefited our agents. Oftentimes, we are referred deals outside of our niche and other team members are able to bridge the gap of knowledge in that area. The team is comprised of members with various backgrounds who easily share with each other, being in such a tight-knit network. Seasoned agents benefit from younger agents’ understanding of and ability to adapt to new technology. TCG members also benefit from the volume of our group’s sales and experience.

Tim Carr | [email protected] | 949.631.9999 | | DRE NO: 01017277

Being a real estate agent in Newport Beach is more than helping clients buy or sell property. It’s about understanding the unique needs, desires, and dreams of each client and helping them unlock the incredible lifestyle that comes with living in this beautiful coastal community.  I take pride in providing a compassionate and personalized approach because, at the end of the day, it’s not just about the sale, it’s about helping my clients build a life they love in Newport Beach.

Susie McKibben | Tim Carr Group

Susie McKibben | [email protected] | 949.531.4424 | | DRE NO: 01966883

I decided to focus on condo sales to give me a niche that no one else was focused on and also leverage my financial background to help clients make good investments. I discovered that you aren’t just buying a condo—you are buying more than just a home—you are buying a lifestyle and a community. It is important to get in front of the right profile of buyer to match them to the community and lifestyle benefits. There are financial factors to bear in mind too. I help my clients navigate every aspect of the transaction so they can live a charmed condo life—just like me!

Veronica Hicks | Tim Carr Group

Veronica Hicks | [email protected] | 949.698.1260 | | DRE No. 01443184

Drumming is a tremendous stress- reliever and I recommend it for everyone, whether you are performing in front of crowds or alone in your garage. I have been performing in bands since I was a sophomore in high school. It is truly my therapy (along with surfing) and I plan on continuing until I can no longer lift the sticks. I managed to keep performing all through my professional white-collar sales career and it has definitely helped keep me on a positive path.

Dominic Tucci | Tim Carr Group

Dominic Tucci | [email protected] | 949.698.1936 | | DRE NO: 01506188

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