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Things We Love: Walls With No Boundaries

The only limit to what M|R Walls can create is the limit in our minds. Using solid surface Corian, Mario Romano, a design and architectural visionary, transforms dull spaces into artistic masterpieces.

Do you remember the days of growing up when our parents chose Corian as the latest and greatest of surfaces for their kitchen and bath remodel? “Corian…that old stuff?!” you exclaim. Well, it’s back and it’s better than ever before.

Romano uses Corian by Dupont as a solid surface base to create a multidisciplinary approach to 3D textured walls. As the founder and CEO of M|R Walls, he specializes in digital fabrication, architecture, and construction. The company, based in Santa Monica, appears small and tucked away on a quiet street, but the designs and projects that are created within those walls are larger than life.

Illuminated exterior feature wall with Palisades design. Residence in Corona Del Mar.

The solid surface, once installed, gives the appearance of hand-carved artwork and provides Romano and his design team with infinite possibilities due to its strength, rigidity, and non-porous, waterproof attributes. The 3D textured surfaces defy the boundaries once held by scale. Fully customizable and tailored to fit any space, Puzzle Technology eliminates seams to form a single continuous assembly. With its ability to accept color and UV resistance, Romano can design and install the cladding in any location, scaled infinitely without seams, grout, or repeating patterns.

“M|R Walls is unlimited in any expression, I can design it with backlit lighting, put it behind a large outdoor pool or in a shower. There’s no repetition and it’s multi-dimensional. The surface creates an iconic, nature-inspired atmosphere and provides a unique piece of art in any home or commercial space,” explains Romano.

Custom rainbow cliff design, water feature in Deep Nocturne. Residence in Bel Air.

Romano has entertained guests including entertainment and film celebrities from all over the world at his factory. He loves the ability to sit down with a client and design their own look, personalized into a one-of-kind wall covering for a living room, entry, kitchen, or outdoor space. “There’s no limit to what we can create…you dream, we create it.,” he says. Romano can often be found outside the factory with his design team, testing walls, running water down the surfaces to replicate an installation, or inside his factory, building out a new design with multi-dimensional construction and lighting.

Dozens of architects and designers have collaborated with Romano worldwide to transform commercial and residential spaces. Their work can be seen at Hoag Hospital, The Strands Restaurant, Fox Technology Center, and even a Hindu temple. The installation is as simple as a puzzle pieced together with visually seamless precision. Simple to repair, non-toxic with Class A fire rating, the design possibilities are endless.

M|R Walls I Mario Romano I 2314 Michigan Avenue, Santa Monica I 310.243.6967 I [email protected]

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