Blue Door Magazine members inspire with insights and insider info from their lives along the Orange County coast

Photos by Brett Hillyard

Jason Bradshaw and Darren Smith

“We have a simple business model: We get clients a great buy (especially on the ugliest of houses), then work with our design and construction teams to deliver instant equity via a designer-perfect dream home for them. Our niche in today’s competitive marketplace is to provide a concierge type of service that adds real value and returns for our clients.”

Bradshaw Group Residential | Darren Smith | 949.887.0643 | Jason C. Bradshaw | 949.433.3001 |

Maura Short

“Twenty years ago, my husband Steve asked me, ‘If we could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?’ I told him Emerald Bay or Rancho Santa Fe. He decided that we should check out Emerald Bay first, as he is a lover of the ocean. We moved to Emerald Bay for the amenities for our children and have fallen in love with it because of our neighbors and sense of community. There is no place like home….”

Maura Short | [email protected] | 949.233.7949

Leo Goldschwartz

“My love for this Ford Bronco (1969) started with my dad. He drove one throughout my childhood years. The opportunity came up (20 years ago) for me to acquire this one.  It was not in good condition, so I restored the car to its former glory, but with some updated touches. It gives me great pleasure to drive it around on weekends (on the rare occasion I can sneak in a Coast Highway run) and it reminds me of carefree days, playing music with the open top, SUP on the rack and of course, the beach. The coastal Riviera epitomizes that era, which is why I love living and working here. The car embodies this lifestyle: you can appreciate the traditional things in life yet still enjoy all the modern benefits of these fantastic communities we are blessed to call home.”

Leo Goldschwartz | | 714.719.0670

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