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For some, buying California real estate is already like playing with Monopoly money. Now, everyone can pass go.

A good part of our collective stay-at-home experience has centered around playing board games and buying, selling, and improving real estate. So why not combine the two with a new, limited-edition, “California Dreaming” version of Monopoly? 

WS Games and Hasbro called on Malibu artist Kathleen Keifer to create original art that beautifully depicts a property purchasing and improving journey throughout the state. Game tokens include a custom Woodie with a surfboard. Airports replace railroads. A Tip Jar replaces Community Chest. What about Boardwalk and Park Place, you ask? They are now The Beverly Hills Hotel and the Hotel Del Coronado.

“Creating a California-themed Monopoly game has really been a career highlight for me,” Keifer says. “To capture the Golden State’s diversity of architecture and lifestyles, on a Monopoly board? Dude.”

The first edition sold out, though some are still available online. The second edition will be released in Spring 2020.  

Priced from $200 at,, and

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