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Southern California Spring Garden Show

The 33rd annual Southern California Spring Garden Show will be held April 20-23 at South Coast Plaza in the Crate & Barrel/Macy’s Home Store side, across the appropriately named Bridge of Gardens. 

The Garden Show offers a range of attractions, including 35 vendors specializing in plants and gardening supplies, eight impressive display gardens, a striking 25-foot centerpiece, and an exhibit called Fleurs de Villes Voyage. This exhibit is particularly noteworthy for its unique use of fresh floral installations, inspired by stories from around the world.

Stephanie Shermoen, president of Terrain Integration and director of South Coast Plaza’s annual Southern California Spring Garden Show, says:

“It’s exciting to see how many materials, methods, and styles of design have arisen over the last few years.”

Her Garden Show trends for 2023 include replacing lawns with ‘living spaces’ and usable pathways for a more immersive experience, designing with texture to bring interest and movement, and the introduction of native plants, which have both the ‘back to nature’ feel and a curated look.

Floral mannequin from previous Fleurs de Villes event.

The theme of the eight display gardens created by top Southern California landscape and horticulture organizations is “Go with the Flow,” focusing on sustainable ways of conserving water. The eight display gardens included in the Garden Show are:

Enchanting Foot Spaaa

Indulge in a serene experience by taking a moment to rejuvenate your spirit in your own peaceful haven. Allow yourself to be transported to a lush oasis in the comfort of your backyard. Stroll along a shimmering stone trail decorated with native botanical gems nestled among magnificent onyx rocks, relishing in the serenity of the garden. 

Golden Era Cocktail Garden

Experience the charm of a mid-century garden oasis and enjoy a refreshing cocktail as the sun sinks below the horizon. Take pleasure in the elegance of the eco-friendly flora, while enjoying the timeless music of Frank Sinatra in the background. Let this inviting and airy garden transport you to a nostalgic era of boundless skies and retro-chic, with a contemporary edge.

Essence of the Flame

The Garden Show features this picturesque French countryside garden that combines the pleasures of cooking and nature. Delight in the outdoor kitchen as the heart of the festivities, and the savory flavors that emerge from the fire pit, revealing notes of lavender, sage, rosemary, and citrus.  

The Hideaway Garden

Enter The Hideaway, an indoor-outdoor oasis that offers a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Let the crackling fire, the whisper of the wind, and the gentle bubbling of water soothe your senses, putting your mind at ease and transcending you to a state of pure Zen. 

Outside the Lines

The goal of this design was to break boundaries and bring in the unexpected and the colorful. The introduction of colorful materials brightens up the neutral hardscapes, and walking on textural tiles provides a smooth transition between surfaces. You can relax and appreciate the uniqueness of the design while enjoying a refreshing beverage.

Modern Nature Escape

This design crafts a living space that flawlessly blends modern architecture with natural elements. The centerpiece is a structure that mimics a repurposed shipping container, lending a contemporary vibe, balanced by native Californian plants. The garden is eco-friendly and sustainable, requiring minimal upkeep and watering. Additionally, the rooftop doubles as a lounge area, where you can unwind and relish the stunning scenery around you. 

Tranquil Garden Dreams

Indulge in the peaceful and serene atmosphere of the California-friendly contemporary garden. Lively low-water plants add a pop of color, while the muted stones and pavers harmonize with the surrounding furniture. Enjoy the garden’s tranquility year-round with minimal water consumption and fulfill your dreams of a serene escape.

A Little Piece of Change

Immerse yourself in the charm of this upcycled garden and be transported to a world of tranquility. Listen to the pitter-patter of rain as it trickles down the elegant rain chains and collects in a barrel, ready to nourish the garden. Take stroll along the cobblestone path, surrounded by a colorful array of succulents, and unwind under the shade trees.

The Garden Show also features 35 unique plants, ranging from perennials, shrubs, alpines, orchids, cacti, succulents and indoor plants. Additionally, garden vendors, books about California native plants, Bonsai trees, landscape paintings, pots, garlands, and accessories are available. 

The Southern California Spring Garden Show is at 3333 Bear St. in Costa Mesa. Visit for more information.

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