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Five current Corbin Reeves projects are turning heads

29 Beach View,  Dana Point
Architecture: SAOTA, Capetown, South Africa
Interior Design: ARRCC, Capetown, South Africa, and Luca Lanzetta Group, Santa Monica

Located in The Strand in Dana Point, this contemporary house was designed by SAOTA, an award-winning international architecture firm based in South Africa. It is the first SAOTA project to be built in Orange County. The 15,000-square-foot home boasts spectacular ocean views and all three levels offer ample outdoor living space, including an infinity pool and outdoor kitchen.

32354 Caribbean, Dana Point
Architecture: Brion Jeannette, Brion Jeannette Architecture, Newport Beach
Interior Design: Jim Magni, Magni Kalman

This iconic 20,000-square-foot ultra-contemporary house sits on a 15 acre-parcel with 180-degree ocean views. Comprising three buildings, the project required $12 million of infrastructure to create the building pad and retaining walls needed to secure a building site on the hillside lot.

29 Waves End, Crystal Cove
Architecture: Eric Trabert, E.T.A. Residential Design, Irvine
Interior Design: Sue Capelli, Passione, Inc., Irvine

A stunning formal garden and fountain leading into the front entrance might make this three-story, 20,000-square-foot new build feel a lot more traditional than other current Corbin Reeves projects. But the sweeping 180-degree views of the Pacific Ocean and high-end transitional interiors make it feel right at home in Crystal Cove.

925 Via Lido Soud, Lido Island
Architecture: Rob Sinclair, Sinclair Associates Architects, Los Angeles
Interior Design: Rona Graf, Grace Blu, Costa Mesa

Situated on a double waterfront lot, this 10,000-square-foot home has an Eastern seaboard feel. That theme is carried throughout the interior with woodwork intentionally designed to create a nautical feel. Corbin Reeves is constructing the home on a 15-month fast-track schedule.

20462 Birch St., Newport Beach
Architecture: Chris Brandon, Brandon Architects, Inc., Costa Mesa

This 14,000-square-foot property in the Back Bay is unique in that it’s being built without wood at the client’s request. The construction of the two-story home using only concrete, steel, and glass has presented some challenges, but the end result will be a one-of-a-kind contemporary residence with an impressive garage space—part of it two stories high.

Corbin Reeves
245 Fischer Avenue, Suite A1
Costa Mesa
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