Stranded in luxury

Redefining the luxury haircare experience

Imagine stepping into a space where the hustle of the day fades away, replaced by the serene ambiance of a luxurious retreat. That’s the experience awaiting you at Stranded Salon, Orange County’s newest gem in luxury hairstyling. Thanks to the creative genius of Laura Brophy Interiors, this high-end salon nestled in The Ranch at Newport Bay is not just a salon—it’s a destination.

Stranded’s journey began with three young entrepreneurs dreaming of a salon that wasn’t just a name but an experience. “They envisioned a retreat, a haven away from the ordinary,” Laura Brophy shares, recalling the inception of the project. “The goal was to create an environment that whisked clients away to a special place, an oasis of calm and beauty.”

And what an oasis it is! Upon entering Stranded Salon, you’re greeted with an ambiance that simultaneously soothes and awakens the senses. The standout feature? A breathtaking flagstone floor that weaves a tapestry of texture and depth setting the stage for the salon’s unique aesthetic. Brophy’s masterful use of a neutral color palette, intertwined with rich organic materials, crafts an atmosphere that’s both inviting and intriguing.

Stranded Salon’s treatment chairs stand as a centerpiece in a meticulously designed
space that harmonizes form, function and fashion for an unparalleled beauty experience.

The salon’s design is a study in balance and beauty, with feminine touches that don’t overpower. Instead, they create a harmonious blend of comfort and elegance. Every corner of Stranded Salon is a visual treat, with elements that invite the eye to linger and explore. But the magic doesn’t end there. The waiting area is not just a space to bide time; it’s an Instagrammer’s paradise. “The owners wanted a lounge that’s not just comfortable but also picture-perfect,” Brophy reveals. It’s a space where moments are captured and shared, contributing to the salon’s rapidly growing popularity.

Functionality meets form in this exquisite salon. The layout is meticulously planned for an efficient workflow, ensuring that both stylists and clients enjoy a seamless experience. Stranded Salon is a testament to design that’s not only visually stunning but also practically brilliant. The recent makeover of The Ranch at Newport Bay has infused new energy into the area, fostering a vibrant community spirit. Stranded Salon, with its unique vantage point, offers a window to this lively world.

The journey to Stranded’s opening was a race against time. “The challenge was to realize our vision within a tight timeline,” Brophy admits. But it was a challenge met with enthusiasm and collaboration, a joint effort between Laura Brophy, the construction team and the property manager. “It was a symphony of teamwork,” Laura adds with a smile. Stranded Salon is more than a salon. It’s a testament to the power of vision, collaboration, and design. It stands as a beacon of beauty and tranquility, a serene escape in the heart Orange County.

Stranded Salon is more than a salon. It’s a testament to the power of vision, collaboration and design.

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