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By James Reed Photos by Darlene Halaby Costa Mesa-based Ulloo 42 brings a mad mix of high art and wild whimsy to custom furniture and interior design.  Visiting Ulloo 42’s art and design studio and showroom in Costa Mesa is something of a psychedelic experience, especially for those of us who spent 2020 staring at beige walls in rooms designed in a minimalist monochromatic style. What once was elegant, modern, and lovely now just seems […]

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Jacques Garnier’s photography series Hymns to the Silence celebrates architecture and the art of emptiness. Jacques Garnier’s works are carefully composed, sparse images that evoke the feeling of abandonment of architectural structures, yet within the compositions he creates totally new spaces. In the last several years, the Laguna Beach artist has focused more closely on the details of the structures that he records, dissecting them into distinct and independent parts of the original. In Hymns […]



These photomontages are from a new project by Brett Hillyard. The images are all shot on film, and then creatively and collectively arranged with Hilly’s trademark humor and curiosity—and a touch of the unexpected.   Fine art prints available at

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For some, buying California real estate is already like playing with Monopoly money. Now, everyone can pass go. A good part of our collective stay-at-home experience has centered around playing board games and buying, selling, and improving real estate. So why not combine the two with a new, limited-edition, “California Dreaming” version of Monopoly?  WS Games and Hasbro called on Malibu artist Kathleen Keifer to create original art that beautifully depicts a property purchasing and […]