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Kenny Eggman – A passion for helping people find the perfect home

In 2016, Orange County real estate agent Kenny Eggmann found a way to turn his passion for helping people into an amazing career, driven by an unwavering belief in the power of service. “After a decade of dedicating myself to helping others, what began as an ambition has since blossomed into an incredible opportunity for me to enrich people’s lives,” he says. Amid inflation and rising interest rates, he’s committed to helping people find the […]

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Tim Carr Group finds strength—and success—in numbers Photos by Hugo Landa Photography What inspired you to form your own team of agents? I initially started as an assistant to Bill Feeney, who was the number-one residential real estate agent in Orange County in the late ’80s. At that time, nobody had an assistant nor team in residential real estate. The market was fragmented with a lot of small brokerages. There were no mega brokerages as […]

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SkySail Coastal Estates raises the mast on luxury home buying-building experience. When it comes to building next-level homes in Orange County’s most coveted coastal locations, Drew D’Angelo and Robert Pereira understand exactly what it requires to sell a home for a record-breaking price. It’s an equation the founders of SkySail Coastal Estates have perfected after developing and building more than 400 homes combined. “It’s about that mixture of architecture, the aesthetic of a property, and […]

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A Corona del Mar home earns LEED Platinum certification while making a seriously stylish design statement. While sustainable home design may be the wave of the future, for many, technology may be more evolved than green aesthetics. But when it comes to melding green-building goals with stunning design features, this Corona del Mar home sets a new standard. “A lot of people have the preconceived idea that a sustainable home isn’t going to look amazing […]