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A waterfront architectural masterpiece continues to make waves in Newport Beach. By Kedric Francis What architect has had the most influence on residential design in coastal Orange County, ever? If one were to ask historians, design aficionados, and architects themselves to name the most architecturally significant home, the consensus would be clear: 1242 West Oceanfront on the Balboa Peninsula. That’s the address of the Lovell Beach House. Completed in 1926, the concrete beachfront home designed […]



The safety and security of life at home—both indoors and out—will drive design decisions and creative solutions.  By Annette Reeves Finding any form of certainty in current day-to-day life is a challenge. As people embrace what is now called the “new norm” it carries with it the weight of undefinable answers and a vision of a world we’ve never experienced. How will society evolve in the future? What will social gatherings look like? Will our […]


Sunlight and Space

I firmly believe that a thoughtfully designed home is a naturally healthy home. A home that has taken into account the path of the sun throughout the day, a home that has accounted for natural ventilation by providing places for air to enter and exit the building efficiently, a home that employs honest and reliable building materials that endure and are neutral to the environment, that is a healthy home.


Essential OC

Photo Essay by Brett Hillyard The Covid-19 crisis has confirmed that heroes live and work among us. Some sought the risk and reward of dangerous work,  while others had essential status thrust upon them.  One of the most revelatory aspects of the ongoing pandemic  is how quickly we have come to appreciate what is truly essential in our lives. Many we already knew about. First-responders, doctors, nurses, and scientists. Others, we’ve come to more deeply […]